Audio Hotspots: What is it and how can I use it?

What are Audio Hotspots?

Audio hotspots allow you to add audio to your VR project. This is helpful when you are describing design choices to your client or providing details on specific objects in the scene.

You now can upload audio files to Yulio and place audio hotspots into your scene. It’s a great way to provide additional context to your customer while they are immersed in your design.

How to Uploaded Audio Files:

Start off by logging into your Yulio account and select the project you would like to edit.

On the project page, you can upload audio files under the Audio tab. Upload audio files to the drop box or browse to select your files.

Audio Hotspot File Types:

Yulio support almost any type of audio file as long as it is under 100 MB and under 2 minutes in length.

How to Add Audio Hotspots to Your VR Project

Now that you have uploaded your audio files, you want to edit your VR project to add your audio hotspots. 

On the project page, click the blue Hotspot Editor button.

In the hotspot editor, select the Audio tab on the left navigation menu. Audio files that you uploaded to the VR project will appear there.

Drag the desired audio file from the left panel into the main scene window. Place it where you would like the hotspot to appear for your viewer. You can also click + from the left pane and an audio hotspot will be created in the main scene window. 

Audio Hotspot Properties:
Hotspot Label:

Customize the name of your hotspot. By default, the label will appear as the name of your audio file. You can customize this to something more meaningful for your design and scene. This will appear in VR and preview modes and provide designers the ability to further build the narrative for their experience. Labels can have a maximum length of 140 characters.  

You can also hide the label all together, by clicking on the Hide toggle.


Change the depth of a hotspot so that you can provide additional spatial context in the VR project. Changing the depth will provide more context for viewing in VR. The depth slider doesn’t just make the icon larger or smaller, it is actually moving the hotspot closer/further away from the viewer.


Customize the color of a hotspot so you can make it stand out in your scene. You can choose between a white or black hotspot. Ensure important design details are not missed by making sure your hotspot is visible in every type of environment.


Click here for an example of a virtual reality project with an audio hotspot.

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.