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Communicate Your Vision

Use Yulio to boost sales, collaborate with clients, promote your company, and increase revenue.

Rapid ROI

Immerse your clients in hyper-realistic VR to see improved decision making leading to fewer design iterations.

Client Collaboration

Send VR designs directly to client's smartphones. Yulio's livestream conferencing then lets you walk and talk clients through your design.

Ease of Use

No learning or integration hurdles. Use the tools you already use and turn existing renderings into virtual reality content.


Sales & Marketing

Promote your company

Instantly convert your existing renderings into stunning VR experiences clients —and potential clients — will love.

Anyone with a smartphone can view your designs in VR. This means you can easily present your portfolio whether in person, on your website, or via social media.

See how SGA is leveraging Yulio to win sales, boost customer engagement, and gain a competitive advantage.

“At SGA, we're always pushing the boundaries, so when searching for a VR platform to support our steep technical requirements, demanding clientele, and worked with the tools we already use, we found Yulio and never looked back.”

- Michael Schroeder, Director of BIM/VDC Services


Design Collaboration

Communicate Your Vision

Virtual Reality bridges the gap between designer vision and client perception, making the only room for interpretation the one you're showing.

The result is time saved and fewer iterations. What truly sets Yulio apart is our live-stream conferencing feature which lets you guide clients through your design while you see what they see. Use Yulio while ideating to help clients understand a space’s potential. Then showcase polished designs to accurately depict finishes, lighting, and atmosphere. Our 3-step creation process fits seamlessly into your designer's existing workflow. 1) Open your 3D rendering 2) Convert file into a VRE with Yulio plugin 3) Share with clients


Corporate Real Estate

Showcase Potential

Have a content creator prepare a furnished mockup of the site in VR using Yulio.

Your content creators will provide you with a short URL you can share with buyers before, during, and/or after the lease acquisition process. Close more deals faster by helping buyers visualize how a space might work for them.


Visualization Services

VR as a Premium

Upsell and gain a competitive advantage when you offer VR rendering as a premium service.

Your clients can also share and promote the spaces you've created for them in the form of a short URL generated by Yulio. Whether you work in SketchUp, 3ds Max, Revit, or Rhino, simply open your file and let our plugins convert it into an immersive VR experience you can submit to clients and share across marketing channels.



The Future of A&D

Yulio is an accredited component of Ryerson’s Bachelor of Architectural Sciences core curriculum. We are equipping the next generation of design professionals with tools to leverage their industry’s rapidly evolving technological advancements.

Interested in introducing Yulio at your institution? Negotiate a custom pricing plan. Students receive installation support, a tailored CAD plugin for their preferred software (Rhino, Sketchup, Revit, 3ds Max), exclusive content and guest lectures from our C levels about the future of VR for architecture and design.

“The integration of VR in architectural curricula provides students a platform for greater design development opportunities and enhanced representational accessibility. From developing special plugins to delivering supporting video content, the Yulio team has been an educational partner in the accessible integration of VR to our students.”

- Professor Vincent Hui, Department of Architectural Science

Use the tools you already use

Whether you work in SketchUp, 3ds Max, Revit, or Rhino, our plugins convert your 3D renderings into immersive VR experiences.

How it Works

If you use SketchUp, 3ds Max, Revit or similar, you’ve got everything you need to create a VR experience with Yulio. If your clients can use a smartphone, they’ll be able to view your content.

See what Yulio can do for you.

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