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Account Admin

How do I create a Yulio account?
How do I sign in to Yulio?
How do I change my password?
Manage Users for Yulio Account

Creating a VR Project

What is a VR Project?
How can I create a VR Project?
How to Add Multiple Scenes to Your VR Project

Enhancing a VR Project

Navigational Hotspots
Floorplan Navigation
Ambient Audio
Scene Options

Yulio Jump for Revit

User Guide: Yulio Jump for Revit
Yulio Jump for Revit: Missing Texture Solutions


Yulio Jump for SketchUp

User Guide: Yulio Jump with Sketchup
Yulio Jump for SketchUp: Cloud Rendering
Enhanced Material Tags

Yulio Jump for CET Designer

User Guide: Yulio Jump with CET Designer
Building Shells for CET
Working with Lighting

Yulio & Enscape

Using Enscape & Yulio
Connecting a Headset
Enhancing your Enscape Project


Hardware & Yulio App

Using Yulio with a Mac
Customize Your Device Lobby
Viewing in VR with Yulio
Compatible Android Phones

CAD Plugins

What is a Cubemap?
Yulio Jump: Cloud Rendering
Generating Cubemaps from Spherical Maps

Sharing and Presenting
a VR Project

Create a Copy of your VR Project
Share a VR Project
Collaborate Settings

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend the Oculus Go for the best mobile viewing experience. You can also view in VR using the Yulio Viewer app on your smartphone and any clip on or cardboard headset. We recommend the Homido Mini for a clip on VR headset.

Yulio is compatible with any CAD software that can produce a file to meet our upload requirements. We built plugins for SketchUp, CET Designer, Revit, 3ds Max and Rhino to assit you in rendering or producing the cubemap file, however Yulio is compativle with many software programs.

No, you do not have to use the Yulio plugins. Our plugins were built to assist you creating the files required to view in VR in Yulio. You can use any CAD program as long as it can produce a scene/cubemap that meets our upload requirements.

You can view your VR project in an internet browser on your computer, laptop or smartphone, or on any VR headset with the Yulio Viewer app.

Yes! Yulio is compatible with both 360 photos and renders from CAD.
There are a lot of awesome 360 camera out there, so there is really not right or wrong answer here. As long as your 360 photo meets our upload requirements, you can use the photos. Here at Yulio, we use the the Insta360 ONE X for low cost capture and the Insta360 Pro for a high end camera.

The 3 main ways to navigate a VR project with Yulio are navigational hotspots, floorplan or scene options. Navigation hotspots allow you to move from scene to scene using point to point navigation. Floorplan navigation allows you to add any floorplan to your VR project so your viewers can select exactly where they would like to travel next. Scene Options allow you to show off the same scene with alternatives to material, color and configuration.

Currently in Yulio you do not have the ability to add a password directly to a VR project. However there are many different methods you can use to ensure project security. Check out this article on VR Project Security for more information.

Sharing your VR project with Yulio is simple. You can share by email, text, on social media or via a live Collaborate session. Every project you create has its own unique URL associated with it, that you can share anywhere you normally would. Or check out this article to learn more about collaborating live with clients or colleagues.

Absolutely. Using our Custom Lobby feature, you can customize the Yulio Viewer app lobby with your own custom VR environment. Check out this article for more information.

Yes, you can upload your company logo that will appear before entering every VR project in your Yulio account. We recommend a PNG image with a minimum height of 300 pixels. Check out this article on how to add your own logo in your Yulio account.
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