Image Hotspots: What is it and how can I use it?

What are image hotspots?

Image hotspots allow you to add a still image to your scene. Use them to show alternatives to material, color or shape without having to render an additional scene, or get creative and show before/after shots and more. Image hotspots are another way to enhance your design, and tell your story in the context of the VR scene, without having to flip between VR and catalogs.

How can I add image hotspots to my project?

First, you will need to add the still images to your VR project. Start off by selecting the VR project you would like to add the still image to, from the Projects page. 

On your project page, go to the “Images” tab.

Drag and Drop your image into the upload box under the Images tab. Yulio supports any PNG or JPEG images, with no minimum resolution, up to 50 MB in size.

Make sure you are uploading your image under the “Images” tab to create an Image Hotspot. Image hotspots and VR scenes are uploaded under different tabs. You can upload a VR scene under the “Scenes” tab.Now that you have uploaded your image you need to create the Image Hotspot in your VR project. 

Click on the blue “Hotspot Editor” button in the top right corner.


Next, click on the Image tab to access the Image Hotspot editor. 

All the still images you have uploaded will be available here to insert into your VR project.

Click the green + icon to add the Image to your VR project. You can also simply drag and drop the thumbnail into your VR project to place the image. 

Once inserted, you can drag the Image Hotspot anywhere in your scene. 

Click on the pencil icon above the hotspot to access the Image Properties panel. Here you can name and adjust the depth of the hotspot.

Below the image thumbnail, there is now a section for External Links. The External Link Title field, allows you to add 30 characters of text describing your link or product.

Next, paste the URL in the External Link URL field.

How Do Image Hotspots Appear in a Project?

You can see your Image Hotspot in both browser mode, or in a VR headset.

In the browser  view, your Image Hotspot is triggered by clicking. It will open the image as an overlaid thumbnail.

A second click, will enlarge the Image Hotspot in the browser window. 

In VR, images are triggered by gazing at the Image Hotspot.


Click here for an example of a VR project with an Image Hotspot.

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.