Video Hotspots: What is it and how can I use it?

What are Video Hotspots?

Video Hotspots allow you to add videos to your scenes. Use them to show product highlights, company promos, design details, introduce designers and more. Video hotspots are another way to enhance your design, and tell your story in the context of the VR scene, without having to flip in and out of VR.

Versions of Video Hotspots: Basic and Premium

The basic version of Video Hotspots included on all Standard plans and allow you to link a YouTube video and insert it into your project as a video hotspot. This type of Video Hotspot can be viewed in browser mode only and may be interrupted by YouTube advertisements. To view a Video Hotspot in VR and avoid ads you must have Premium Video Hotspots.

Premium Video Hotspots allows you to upload a video file and insert it into your VR project as a video hotspot. This type of Video Hotspot can be viewed in both browser mode and in VR. The Premium Video Hotspots feature also gives you access to video scenes.

Video Hotspots are now included on Standard and custom plans.. To learn more about Premium Video Hotspots contact us.

How can I add Basic Video Hotspots to my project?

First, you will need to add the YouTube video link to your VR project. Start off by selecting the VR project you would like to add the video to, from the Projects page.
On your edit project page, go to the “Video” tab.

Copy and paste your YouTube video URL and then click Add.

Now that you have uploaded your videos you need to create the Video Hotspot for your VR project.
Click on the blue “Hotspot Editor” button in the top right corner.

Next, click on the Video tab to access the Video Hotspots editor.
All the videos you have uploaded will show up here to insert into your VR project.
Click the green + icon to add the Video to your VR project. You can also simply drag and drop the thumbnail into your VR project to place the video.

Once inserted, you can drag the Video Hotspot anywhere in your scene.
Click on the pencil icon above the hotspot to access the Video Properties panel, Here you can change the label, adjust the depth, add an external link or change the hotspot icon color.

How Do Video Hotspots Appear in a Project?

Basic Video Hotspots: You can view your Video Hotspot in both browser mode. In the browser view, your Video Hotspot is triggered by clicking. Please note that with the basic Video Hotspot feature you may encounter advertisements from YouTube. If you would like to get rid of ads, please contact us to learn more about our Premium Video Hotspot feature.

Premium Video Hotspots: You can view your Premium Video Hotspot in both browser mode, or in a VR headset. In the browser  view, your Video Hotspot is triggered by clicking. In VR, videos are triggered by gazing at the Video Hotspot.








Click here for an example of a VR project with a Video Hotspot.
Check out our YouTube Channel for more info & tutorials.