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Yulio Product Tour

Take a deep dive into why Yulio is the simplest VR presentation tool for your business.


No complex software to learn - use CAD, Photography or our cloud rendering
services to create VR projects.


Yulio works with the most popular CAD software programs: SketchUp, Rhino, 3DS Max, CET Designer and Revit. Yulio plugins will automatically create VR from your cube maps. Check out our plugins and user guides to get started.

360 Photography

You can use any 360-photo camera to upload to Yulio. View photos in VR for an immersive look at your space.

Cloud Rendering

With Yulio Jump for SketchUp and CET, you can render for VR in minutes. We’ll apply lighting and material models for increased photo-realism, and you’ll get a project delivered into your account in minutes. 


It's easy to enhance your VR project with Yulio tools.
Add a floorplan, or image, text and audio to bring your design to life with our editing features.


Hotspots can link your scenes or add more details to your VR Project. Travel around a space and listen to ambient sounds, recorded greetings, or read additional information with just a click. We also have Scene Options, a simple way to showcase design alternatives for the same scene – showcase color palettes or lighting options.


Make navigation simple, as your clients explore your VR project while gaining an understanding of the flow of the scenes. Add a floorplan layer to your project and map pins top connect all your scenes.  


Present your projects in a custom VR starting ‘lobby’ that reflects your branding or your client’s. You also have the ability to upload a company logo that displays when your project is opened.


Present to clients in the same room, to colleagues down the street, or to prospects
on the other side of the world.

Collaborate Sessions

Collaborate is our most popular feature. Host a session from your computer and invite participants to view your project on a browser or in a headset. You can always see where clients are looking, re-direct their attention, and trigger hotspots for them. Or, you can hand over presenter control and let your client lead the way.

With or Without a Headset

Our web-based platform means you can show off your VR projects on any web-enabled device, including a laptop or tablet, a VR headset, and even your phone.

Play Video


Share your vision with the world. Use your VR projects in your marketing and business acquisition efforts.


To share your VR project with a client or team member, enter their phone number to send the project URL straight to their phone via SMS text.  


Once you’ve shown off your work in VR, you’ll want to share it every chance you get. Each Yulio VR project has a unique URL to email, Slack, or share on social media channels.


Take sharing one step further and embed your VR project into your website or create themed or project landing pages with relevant embedded content. 

Everything you need to get started.
VR-Ready Content
Computer Setup
CAD Model

CAD Plugins Not Support on Mac

Optional Viewing Tools
Yulio App
VR Headset
Any Browser
Yulio Case Studies
Explore business cases for VR from our early adopter clients and educational partners.