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Use Yulio to create simple VR and AR and send to a headset.

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Compatible Formats

CAD tools, 3D modelling software, and 360 photography.

Cloud Rendering

Render with Yulio Jump for Revit, Sketchup and CET.

Explore with VR Headsets

Look up, down and all around on the Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest Pro.

Start Your Journey in 3 Steps

Yulio makes VR projects quick and easy to create. Explore our simple Create, Enhance, Present model.





VR or AR Directly from Revit, Sketchup or CET

Cloud-Based Rendering

Yulio will auto-generate floorplans and navigation in your project to give you an immersive VR presentation that’s ready to share. You can even tag objects to create AR from your scene in a few clicks.

CAD Tools, 3D Modelling Programs & 360 Photography

We’re also compatible with most CAD tools and renders generated in other programs, as well as 360-photos. Our clients use Yulio to enhance all their projects and share them on a headset remote or in-person.

Click here for our program requirements

  • SketchUp
  • Revit
  • 3DS Max
  • Lumion
  • 3dream
  • Solidworks (Visualize Pro)
  • CET Designer
  • Rhino
  • And any 360 model creation software


Add Other Elements to your Client Presentation to Tell your Story

This project was rendered with Yulio Jump for SketchUp features these enhancements:


Add video, alternate images, text, audio and more navigation with a simple drag and drop interface


The floorplan was auto-generated when rendering with Jump.

Enhanced Material Tags

We have 17 material tags to quickly auto-apply extra detail to your scenes.

Built-In Lighting Models

Choose from Exterior/Bright and Interior/Shaded lighting models for greater effects on light and shadwos.

Company Watermark

Add in your own company logo to greet guests in your projects and tie your entire experience together.

  • Navigation hotspots link scenes for a walk-through effect. To use them you need at least 2 scenes in your project. You can also upload a PDF of your space’s floorplan and link scenes to it to keep everyone oriented in the space.
  • Text hotspots allow you to add text information to your scene. You can use the hotspots to describe your design, products within the scene, or even communicate with your client by annotating changes to the design during iterations.
  • External Links: Within text and image hotpots, you can also link to URLs to take people out to external web pages, like a product spec sheet or a ‘buy now’ page.
  • Add sound, whether background or voice narration to any scene with audio hotspots. You can also add ambient audio that plays when people enter a scene without triggering the hotspot.
  • Add still images with image hotspots. Use them to add alternate colors or finishes, to show the same object in a different configuration or in different lighting and much more. Yulio supports any PNG or JPEG images, with no minimum resolution, up to 50 MB in size.
  • Scene Options allow you to show your space with multiple options, in things like color or finish. The let you select a group of scenes to be shown under one hotspot in the project.
  • Simple Video: Link to a 3rd party hosted video, like YouTube or Vimeo, to show your videos within your project in browser mode
  • Embedded Video: Enterprise customers may be able to access our native video which allows you to use animated and moving scenes as part of your project
  • Live Chat: Yulio also offers an optional integration to chat software to some Enterprise clients so you can engage customers right inside your virtual showroom


Present Remotely or In Person Without Complex Computing Power



Yulio is compatible with Meta Quest headsets, but that’s just the beginning – you can easily manage content on any headset directly from your Yulio account. Upload your project files and link them to a headset, and you’re ready to remotely update versions or send new files to your clients’ devices. With our secure platform, you can effortlessly add projects to multiple headsets and keep all your client-facing content organized in one place.


See exactly what your client is looking at  in the headset with our popular collaborate livestream mode. Let clients explore on their own or lead the presentation. Present in person or remote, with a headset or just in a browser – they’re all first class experiences.

Client Galleries

Provide your clients with a secure gallery of up to 10 Yulio projects, delivered directly to their headset or accessible via browser mode. Add projects to multiple headsets and manage all your client-facing content in one convenient location, streamlining your workflow and enhancing your client experience


Capture client feedback in a markup layer on the project with simple tools and review them with your team later on with the full context behind them.

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