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Yulio is mobile, simple, and future proof VR software for business.

Explore Yulio’s most popular features.

We designed Yulio to be the simplest VR for business: it's so frictionless to create, present and share your work with Yulio.


Convert your CAD models or 360-degree photos into outstanding, immersive virtual-reality experiences with Yulio. Start right away with the models you already have, or create new ones for presentation in VR.
No need to learn complicated new tech. 
Focus on what you do best: Design!

Yulio works with a lot of the popular CAD software you use today. If you use CAD, download a plugin or user guide from our site to help output your scenes in a format ready for Yulio.

360 Photography
Yulio is 360 photography compatible. Use a variety of cameras to shoot and then upload straight to Yulio.

Hotspots are your roadmap inside the VR experience. Guide viewers to different locations within your VR project with navigational hotspots or enhance their experience with audio, text and image hotspots.
Present your thinking in the moment. Accelerate decision-making and reduce the number of client meetings required.

Floorplan navigation helps orient your viewers and lets them navigate to the area they are most interested in seeing, while still understanding how the spatial elements fit together.


Present to clients in the same room, to colleagues down the street, or to prospects on the other side of the world. 

From initial concepts in low-fidelity to photo-realistic final presentations, Yulio is the simplest VR platform for every stage of your project.
Use it externally to win more business and accelerate projects.
Use it internally as a design-review tool for your entire team.

Invite anyone with a web connection into your VR project alongside you, with Yulio Collaborate, our powerful live-streaming presentation mode. Guide your viewers through the space to ensure they're experiencing it how you want them to. Or hand over Presenter control and watch where they go within the VR project.

Fishtank vs. VR Headset
Our web-based platform means you can show off your VR projects on any web-enabled device, including a laptop or tablet, a VR headset, and even your phone.


Show off your designs to everyone and anyone.
Send a link to view your work in VR with every proposal you submit. Leave your clients with an immersive project to review, after you've already blown their minds.

Once you've shown off your work in VR, you'll want to share it every chance you get. Each Yulio VR project has a unique URL to email, Slack, or share on social media channels.

To share your VR project with a client or team member, enter their phone number to send the project URL straight to their phone via SMS text.

Your Yulio account includes your very own analytics dashboard, letting you know just how your VR projects have been experienced, which cities they've been opened in, and how much time your viewers have spent in each of them.
Insights like these will allow you to initiate smarter, more targeted marketing efforts -- and ultimately lead to more business.

Make your VR experience part of your website.
Take sharing one step further and embed your VR project into your website or create themed or project landing pages with relevant embedded content. Let your designs work for you every hour of the day.

We designed Yulio around three core principles.


Yulio is painless to integrate and ready for business in minutes. It’s so simple to learn, everyone in your office can be up and running in no time. If you know how to type in a URL, you already know how to share your vision using Yulio.


This isn’t the tethered VR experience you may be thinking. Anyone with a web-enabled device can view your work in VR. Present to someone on the other side of the world as easily as to someone in the same room.


VR technology is evolving quickly, so for as long as you’re a client, we’ll worry about – and install – all required tech updates. Sign up once; remain at the head of VR technology forever.

The best way to get to know Yulio is through a demo.

Schedule a demo with one of our VR experts and discover how Yulio can help your firm.