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Learn How Yulio Helps You Create and Present Your Story

Utilize your favorite tools and assets you have in a new, immersive format
Our clients use Yulio presentations to wow their clients in key ways:

Virtual Showroom

For products that are too large to fully model, VR gives you infinite space and infinite configurations. Show every product configured any way - with all the space in the (virtual) world.


In-person or remote, conduct more immersive meetings in a headset or over a browser. Bring the design to life with no ambiguity between the designer’s vision and the client’s perception.

Business Development

Elevate your pitches and showcase your use of technology so clients know they can expect leading work from you. Share your projects on social media or embed them on a website to create engaging marketing assets.

Explore Yulio

Yulio makes VR projects quick and easy to create. Explore the 3 key areas where Yulio fits into your workflow by clicking below.

Explore how Yulio uses CAD, 360 Photos and Cloud Rendering to build VR Projects


See how Yulio’s built-in features take your VR Project to the next level with interactive hotspots


Yulio’s presentation modes make remote or in-person meetings immersive experiences

Get Started with CAD Files or 360 Photography

Extend Your CAD Use

Use our plugins or upload files from most supported CAD software. If you can export a 360-panorma from your preferred tool, you can use Yulio to present the CAD model in an interactive presentation.

Upload your 360-pano and Yulio will transfer it to immersive VR which can be viewed on a headset or over any browser.

  • SketchUp
  • Revit
  • 3DS Max
  • Lumion
  • 3dream
  • Solidworks (Visualize Pro)
  • CET Designer
  • Rhino
  • And any 360 model creation software

360 Photography

360-photos are a great way to capture existing spaces for real estate sales, showrooms, tourist destinations, galleries and much more. But showing them off can be a challenge. 

Use Yulio to add more to your photos and present them live, share them on social or embed them on your website, and get more out of each picture.

Explore VR Showcase to see our library of VR project captured with 360 photography:

Cloud Rendering

Yulio also offers Jump Cloud Rendering directly from SketchUp, CET Designer and more coming soon.

In minutes, and with just a few clicks, Yulio will apply lighting and material models to your scene, and you’ll get a project delivered to you in minutes. With no complex software to learn, anyone on your team can create customer-ready renderings with no investment in powerful computers and training.

Interact with the slider left and right to see the difference

Add Interactive Elements to Help
Tell Your Story

Extend Your CAD Use

Our users tell us over and over how easy our enhancement features are to use. Yulio lets you add content to rendered scenes created on other platforms, too! Turn your projects into marketing materials you can use as value ads, or a new cost centre.

Yulio Hotspots:

A series of points that aid in telling your visual story. Use the Hotspot editor to add many different types of information to your project. Trigger them with a click in browser mode or by gazing in the headset.

Explore and Interact with Hotspots on the Project we Created with Yulio Jump

  • Navigation hotspots link scenes for a walk-through effect. To use them you need at least 2 scenes in your project. You can also upload a PDF of your space’s floorplan and link scenes to it to keep everyone oriented in the space.
  • Text hotspots allow you to add text information to your scene. You can use the hotspots to describe your design, products within the scene, or even communicate with your client by annotating changes to the design during iterations.
  • External Links: Within text and image hotpots, you can also link to URLs to take people out to external web pages, like a product spec sheet or a ‘buy now’ page.
  • Add sound, whether background or voice narration to any scene with audio hotspots. You can also add ambient audio that plays when people enter a scene without triggering the hotspot.
  • Add still images with image hotspots. Use them to add alternate colors or finishes, to show the same object in a different configuration or in different lighting and much more. Yulio supports any PNG or JPEG images, with no minimum resolution, up to 50 MB in size.
  • Scene Options allow you to show your space with multiple options, in things like color or finish. The let you select a group of scenes to be shown under one hotspot in the project.
  • Simple Video: Link to a 3rd party hosted video, like YouTube or Vimeo, to show your videos within your project in browser mode
  • Embedded Video: Enterprise customers may be able to access our native video which allows you to use animated and moving scenes as part of your project
  • Live Chat: Yulio also offers an optional integration to chat software to some Enterprise clients so you can engage customers right inside your virtual showroom

Capture Your Client's Attention with
Immersive Presentations

Virtual Reality Devices

Yulio can be presented on all devices and operating systems including high-quality mobile VR headsets. Use it in a headset or on any browser connection – both are first-class experiences. No workstations or expensive gaming computers are needed.

Guided Presentations

Yulio has an explore mode that lets participants explore the space on their own. There’s also an auto-panning feature that keeps scenes moving on a monitor at a trade show or event, until someone engages with your content. You can send anyone a secure project URL and let them explore, or guide them with our Collaborate mode.

Collaborate lets you launch a secure livestream session and invite participants to join. You can see exactly what your clients are looking at in real-time, or lead the presentation yourself. You can also gather everyone together to look at any elements with our spotlight feature. The interface is simple to use with click or gaze navigation, so what really shines is your project.

Share Your Project

Yulio projects can be shared via URL through a text or email message, or onto your social media platforms. Use them anywhere you would use a still image or URL. You can also embed them inside your website to create interactive marketing assets.


With Yulio, you’ll even know what happened with your projects after they are shared with our session analytics tools. See how often a project was accessed, where its viewers were located and what devices they used for viewing.

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