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Text Hotspots: What is it and how can I use it?

What are text hotspots?

We’ve introduced a new kind of hotspot which allows you to add text information to your scene. You can use the hotspots to describe your design, products within the scene, or even communicate with your client by annotating changes to the design during iteration.

Text hotspots are available on all Professional and Enterprise licenses. To create a custom plan that fits your business needs, call us at 1-844-310-3429 or email us anytime at

How can I add text hotspots to my project?

On the Projects page find the Add Hotspot button.

Yulio dashboard, hotspot editor
In the hotspot editor, select the text editor tab on the left navigation menu.

Yulio project, editor tab
Click Create New Text Hotspot.

Yulio project, create new text hotspot button
Enter your title and description. Each field allows up to 140 characters.

Yulio project, edit annotation tab

Click “Close” when finished.

What are Text Hotspot Properties?

Once the hotspot has been created in your scene, you can modify its location by clicking and dragging the hotspot itself around the scene.

There is also a depth slider on the Text Properties panel, which allows you to place the hotspot closer or further away in 3D space.

To edit a text hotspot, click on the pencil icon. Here you can change the title or description and adjust the depth of the hotspot.

Yulio project, depth of hotspot

How Do Text Hotspots Appear in a Project?

Text hotspots are triggered in browser mode by clicking on them and in VR by gazing at the hotspot. In Collaborate mode, hotspots are triggered by the presenter. Text hotspots will adjust for readability depending on the viewer’s screen resolution.


Click here for an example of a virtual reality experience with an audio hotspot.

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.

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