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Hotspot Editor: Hotspot Alignment Grid

Yulio’s Hotspot Alignment Grid makes adding and editing your hotspots easier than ever. The alignment grid allows you to turn on a grid overlay so you can easily and accurately place your hotspots into your VR project. Use the grid to ensure your navigation, text, audio, image and video hotspots are in line and placed in your scenes accurately.

To turn on your Hotspot Alignment Grid, select the project you would like to edit and then open the Hotspot Editor.

From there click on the settings icon and toggle Hotspot Alignment Grid to On.

Now you are able to place your hotspots in your scene and ensure everything is lined up perfectly using the grid.

Your Hotspot Alignment Grid will now be on every time you enter the Hotspot Editor for every project. The grid is turned on at a user level. If you would like to turn it off simply go back into the Hotspot Editor settings and toggle of