Authoring and Viewing AR Hotspots

Yulio’s AR Hotspot feature allows you to bring elements to life and see how your digital products can interact with the physical world using Augmented Reality. With Yulio’s AR Hotspot feature, you can insert an AR Hotspot into your VR experience to see the product in full 360, and take it one step further by using your phone or tablet to actually see the product in your physical space. AR hotspots allow you to show how your products or designs will interact with your clients real world space, directly from your VR experiences.

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How to Add an AR Hotspot to Your Project

Begin by selecting the VR project you would like to edit. From the edit project page, select the AR Models tab.

Next upload your AR model into the upload box. AR models must meet our upload requirements; GLB format, up to 75 MB and must have at least one camera defined.

Once your model has finished processing, open the Hotspot Editor to create your AR Hotspot.



In the Hotspot Editor, select the AR Annotations tab. Here you will see the AR model you just uploaded.



From there, click on your AR Model from the left panel and drag and drop it into your scene to create your AR Hotspot.



And that’s it! Your AR Hotspot is now ready to go. View the project in 360 to interact with your AR Hotspot.



How to View an AR Hotspot

To view and interact with an AR Hotspot, you will need a smartphone or tablet. Begin by clicking on the AR hotspot icon and the AR model will center on screen.

Click and drag your cursor across the model to rotate the model, or reset your view back to the original position by selecting the reset icon in the bottom right hand corner. Or to go back to your VR experience, select the arrow in the top left hand corner.

To view in AR and interact with the model in your physical space, select the View in AR button in the bottom right hand corner.

Next you will need your smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code. On most smartphones, you can simply open your camera app and point it at the QA code to scan.

When you scan the QR code on your smartphone, it will prompt you to open the AR Model link at


When you open the link, the AR model will appear in your internet browser on your device. To view in AR and insert the digital model into your physical space, select the View in AR button.

From there, your object will appear in your real world environment using augmented reality. You can manipulate the object by moving it around and resizing it to fit your space.

Real Space vs. AR

And that’s it! 

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.