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Default Starting View: What is it and how do I use it?

What is the Default Starting View?

When you upload your scene or 360 photo to Yulio, the scene will open in Yulio based on the camera position you had set in you render, or what your 360 camera settings had dictated as ‘forward’. However, if you want to change that view to another part of the scene (or the beauty shot) when you’re presenting in VR, you can do so by setting your Default Staring View.

The Default Starting View feature is available on all plans. To create a custom plan that fits your business needs, call us at +1 (416) 499-2227 or email us anytime at team@yulio.com.

How do I set the Default Starting View?

When logged in to Yulio, click on the project you would like to edit.

Then click on the blue Hotspot Editor button.

In the hotspot editor, you’ll find tabs on the left hand side for editing many aspects of your project like floorplans, hotspots and more. One of the tabs is called ‘Starting Direction.’

Click on the Starting Direction tab to adjust your Default Starting View.

Clicking the Starting Direction tab will open the Default Starting View editor.

Adjust the opening view by dragging anywhere in the scene. 

When you are happy with the scene location, click Apply. The thumbnail in the tool pane at the left will update to reflect your change.

If you prefer to return to the original view, click ‘Reset to Default’ on the left.

To adjust Default Starting View for the rest of your scenes click on either the Next Scene > at the bottom left or the Scenes icon at the top right so navigate to your next scene.

The next time you view your VR project in browser mode on a computer, the new Default Starting View will be adjusted for each scene that is navigated to using the floorplan or arrows.

For more information on navigation, see our article on Forward Gaze Navigation.

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.