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Auto Generate Hotspots: What is it and how can I use it?

Yulio’s Auto Generate Hotspots feature automatically generates navigation hotspots for you in your VR project at the click of a button. All you need is a project with at least two scenes and a floorplan and you are ready to automatically generate your hotspots.

Auto Generate Hotspots is available on all plans.

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How do I Auto Generate Hotspots?

The Auto Generate Hotspots feature calculates navigation hotspot placement based on where you have placed them on your floorplan. In order to auto generate your hotspots you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have at least two scenes in your VR project or create a new VR project with at least two scenes
  2. Have a floorplan with at least two hotspots
  3. Set your field of view for your hotspots on the floorplan

Note: You must complete steps 1 and 2 in order to Auto Generate Hotspots and we highly recommend completing step 3 to ensure accuracy.

After you have completed those 3 steps you are ready to Auto Generate your hotspots.

First, within the Hotspot Editor, click on the Scenes tab.

Next, click on the blue Auto Generate Hotspots button.

A pop up will appear within the hotspot editor to let you know you are about to Auto Generate Hotspots, click Continue.  

Next, you can select between a few preferences:

  • Show Scene Name: Will show or hide the hotspot label that appears below the hotspot icon
  • Select Hotspot Color: You can select between a black or white hotspot icon

Once you have set your preferences, click Next.

Next you will select which Generation Rule you would like the Auto Generate Hotspots feature to apply:

  • All to All: If you select all to all, navigational hotspots will be created to every scene from every scene in your project. So if your project has 10 scenes, there will be 9 navigational hotspots in every scene.
  • Nearest Neighbour: Will intelligently create hotspots based on the position of each scene on your floorplan. Generally, it will only create navigational hotspots for a couple scenes that are the closest – based on the postition of the hotspots on the floorplan.

Pro Tip: We recommend only using all to all if you have a project with only a couple scenes. 

Next, select the blue Generate Hotspots button.

And that’s it! Your navigational hotspots have now been automatically generated. 

Pro Tip: We recommend slightly adjusting the placement of the hotspots after using this feature. While the placement will be as accurate as possible based off of your floorplan – there may be minor tweaks you want to make.

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