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Floorplan Navigation: What is it and how can I use it?

What is Floorplan Navigation?

Floorplan navigation lets you create a navigation overlay layer in your project. You can hotspot all of your project’s scenes to a floorplan, a dollhouse view image, or an exterior rendering/photo. It helps to orient your viewers and lets them navigate to the area they are most interested in seeing, while still understanding how the elements fit together.

How can I add Floorplan navigation to my project?

When logged in to Yulio, click on the project you would like to edit or select Create Project.

You’ll now have an option under the Project Assets page, for Floorplan.

Upload any scene you’d like to use as a navigation tool for the project here – it could be a floorplan, dollhouse view, an exterior photograph, or any image that will aid navigation.

Here are the compatible formats for this asset:

  • 600 x 600 minimum resolution
  • Up to 50 MB
To Add Navigators to the Floorplan:

Click on Hotspot Editor:

On the left, are the options for hotspot editor type, including navigation, audio, text and an icon for Floorplan at the bottom. Click on the floorplan icon to open the floorplan hotspot editor.

Scenes from your VR Project will appear as thumbnails on the left. Click the green ‘+’ symbol to add a Floorplan Hotspot for that scene. Click and drag the hotspot to your desired location on the floorplan.

Use the Hotspot Properties menu to name the hotspot and change its size.

When finished, click Close to add your next hotspot.

Edit a hotspot or remove it by clicking the blue pencil icon for the scene you want to edit.

Viewing the Floorplan Layer in Browser Mode:

Your floorplan will not be the opening scene of your VR project.

You can open the Floorplan in browser mode using the floorplan icon on the lower left of your screen. Clicking the icon will take you to the Floorplan view. From there, click on the floorplan markers to navigate to your desired scene.

Viewing the Navigation Layer in VR:

Make sure you have the latest version of the Yulio app downloaded.

Find the Floorplan icon at the bottom of the scene and gaze at it to open the floorplan.

Gaze at any floorplan marker to jump to that scene.


Click here for an example of a VR project with floorplan, navigation, audio and text hotspots.

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.