Multi Level Floorplan

With Yulio, you can upload multiple floorplans to one VR project in your Yulio account. This allows you to navigate experiences with multiple levels seamlessly. You can upload up to 10 floorplans per project.

Multi Level Floorplan is available on all plans. To create a custom plan that fits your business needs, call us at 1-844-310-3429 or email us anytime at

Adding Multiple Floorplans to a VR Project

To add multiple floorplans to one project, simply navigate to the project you would like to edit. Next, upload your files under the floorplan tab – you can upload up to 10 floorplans to one project.

You can see the compatible formats for your floorplan files by clicking the See File Compatible Formats button in the upload box.

Once uploaded, you can reorder your floorplans by selecting the 2 bars on the left then drag and drop to reorder.

Reordering your floorplans will only impact the order they appear on the list when viewing your project.

Once you have uploaded all your floorplans, add your floorplan hotspots in the hotspot editor. For a refresher on how to add floorplan hotspots, check out this article.

Switch Between Floorplans in the Hotspot Editor

In the hotspot editor all scenes in the project will be viewable on the left hand side, regardless of level they are on. Add your hotspots to your first floorplan, then switch floorplans to add hotspots to additional levels.

To switch between floorplans, select the multi floorplan button.

Then select the floorplan you would like to edit from the pop up list. You can toggle between floorplans at anytime.

On the assets page under the scenes tab, the multi floorplan symbol will identify which floorplan the scene is assigned to as a floorplan hotspot.

Viewing a Project with Multiple Floorplans

When viewing a project, open the floorplan as normal using the floorplan icon.

From there, toggle between levels using the multi floorplan button.

You can also link levels together by placing a navigation hotspot over the stairs, elevator, or a door for example.

Click here for an example of a VR project with multiple levels.

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.