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Collaborate Settings & Explore Mode

What is Explore Mode?

Explore Mode is a presenter mode that is part of Yulio’s Collaborate feature. With Collaborate have the ability to see what other people are seeing, guide them to a spotlighted area and have everyone meeting in the same virtual space. With Explore Mode, you can auto-pan throughout a scene and let all participants explore the full VR project at their own pace. 

People you’re meeting with in-person will all be in the same session on headsets, and remote participants can join from anywhere, in headset or our browser-based fishtank mode.


How do I Launch Explore Mode?

Start out by launching a Collaborate Session. For steps on how to launch a Collaborate session, check out this article – Collaborate: What is it and how can I use it?

To launch Explore Mode, hit the Explore button at the top of the Participant Panel. 

During explore mode, as the host of the Collaborate Session, your screen will pan throughout the selected scene. Don’t worry you can still interact with your screen at any time.

All other participants will have the ability to go off and explore the VR project you have selected for the Collaborate Session. They will be able to switch scenes and activate text/image/audio hotspots (if you have this ability turned on in Collaborate Settings).

Yulio project, explore mode

To end explore mode and bring all participants back to the desired scene, click the Present button in the Participant Panel.

Collaborate Settings

Clicking the Gear icon at the left hand side of the Collaborate panel will open the settings available in Collaborate.

Host Experience:

  • Crosshair: is the center indicator on the scene and allows you to find the middle again if you become ‘lost’
  • Explore Mode Autoplay: Explore mode will automatically start panning around the current scene
  • Auto Load First Lobby Project: can be turned on or off according to your preference. It makes it easier to jump straight into collaborate, if you have ensured your lobby is reflecting the projects you want to show. You can always switch scenes using the icon on the top right if it is not the correct one. Auto load is on by default for new accounts. If you turn this feature off, you will need to use your headset to gaze at the 4-digit collaborate code after you launch a session

Participant Experience:

  • Presenter Gaze: The circles which show the participants’ view of the scene
  • Audio Hotspots: Enabling audio for all participants will trigger an audio hotspot for each participant. It may get distracting, so we recommend leaving this off and having only the presenter trigger the audio
  • Text/Image Annotations: These can be triggered by anyone exploring the scene, or just the presenter
  • Floorplan: is the navigation overlay for the scene. If you have one in your project, this will allow you to leave it on for all participants, or only the presenter

Yulio project settings tab

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