Extension Settings

The next time you select the Render Now button in the Yulio Jump extension, your rendering options menu will pop up. Here you can customize the type of file you would like to render, chose your lighting model, select views and add enhancement features. This section will cover all the settings in the Yulio Jump extension pop up.

Company: Select the company/Yulio account you would like the project to upload to. Most of the time you only have access to one company, and it will be listed as the default one.

Render With: Select Yulio Jump or Yulio Jump Perspective. 

  • Yulio Jump – This will create a VR project and upload it directly to your Yulio account.
  • Yulio Jump Perspective – Will render 2D perspective renders, these files will be emailed to you.

Lighting Models: Select the lighting model you would like to render with.

  • CET Native Lighting – This lighting model is more advanced and uses all settings that you have applied using the CET Lights extension, to light your space.               
  • Exterior/Bright Spaces -This lighting model relies on the sun to light the scene. If your scene has a lot of windows this model will work best. 
  • Interior/Shaded Spaces – This lighting model uses an algorithm that combines sunlight with artificial ambient light. If your scene is fully enclosed or has fewer windows, use this lighting model.

Home/Team: Select the folder within your Yulio account you would like the VR project to be created in.

Photos to Render: Select the views you would like to render that you set up in Photo Lab.

Add Floorplan: Automatically build a floorplan from your CET model so users can orient themselves in your design. The floorplan will contain all the scenes you decide to render.

Add Navigation Hotspots: Auto Generate navigational hotspots for your project so you can move scene to scene when viewing in Yulio.

Once you have selected all your preferences, select Create VR Project.

Your project will begin processing and be sent directly to your Yulio account or email.

If you rendered with Yulio Jump, your project will begin processing and be sent directly to your Yulio account. For Yulio Jump, click the View in Yulio button to go to the project page in Yulio. On the project page you can adjust the file name, enhance with hotspots, share and view in VR. You will also receive an email when the project is ready to view  in your Yulio account.

If you rendered with Yulio Jump Perspective, your image files will be sent to you by email.

Please note, processing time varies depending on the quality and size of your model.

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