Yulio Press Kit

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Our Mission

We’re Yulio. We’re building the best VR presentation software out there by making VR a simple, mobile and affordable tool for business. When you use Yulio, we want you to be able to forget it’s there and tell the best design story possible in a stunning presentation.

Our Founders

The founders of Yulio have worked with graphics-powered business applications for 20 years. Yulio was founded in 2016 with the combined experience of visualization, entrepreneurship and empowering businesses to do more. After decades of experience serving the North American commercial design market, the Yulio leadership team recognized the gap between designer vision and client perception. Traditional design tools—like sketches, 2D renderings and floorplans—couldn’t give clients an accurate experience of the finished space, leaving them disengaged and unsatisfied. Yulio’s Virtual Reality technology was designed to close this communication gap and redefine how designers work with their clients.

Our Promise

We built Yulio to be simple to use from the ground up. And with more than 1000 hours of user testing behind us, we’ve cleared the hurdles for you. We stay forward-thinking and ground everything we do in how people actually tell visual stories. We are always thinking about how our features will be used in meetings, presentations and for you to share ideas on your team.

And our promise to ourselves….we have a motorcycle in the middle of our office that we all see every day. We aren’t done improving virtual reality till the experience feels as immersive and visceral as riding the bike. We’re on our way.


Useful Links

Website: www.yulio.com
Showcase of Projects: https://www.yulio.com/vr-showcase/
Sign-up for a Free Trial: https://vr.yulio.com/free-trial/
Blog: https://blog.yulio.com/