Testimonials from Yulio Users

Yulio's collaborate presentation tool has been the most beneficial part for us - being able to put the goggles on and have the design projected up on the screen is huge.
Lizzy French
VR Specialist, Storr Office Environments
Yulio helps us communicate a vision - When people understand more fully what they’re getting, they will ask what more can be done, what more can be created with this space? I want clients to be part of the inspiration of a project and we find that when they are, designs tend to rise to another level. Ultimately I want people to be inspired by architecture. People only know what they know and VR helps engage, educate and inspire people in design and that’s a good thing for everyone.
Indy Dehal
Principal, ALSC Architects
We find Yulio is pretty simple to use, and we like some of the features that were added since we started, including adding audio to our designs, and some of the heatmap data that shows us what is drawing attention. Plus, Yulio works with some of our other software tools, like CET, so it was easy to implement in our workflow.
Bryan Barnett photo
Bryan Barnett
IT Director, Hyphn
What Yulio let us do was create spatial cohesion by stringing together multiple scenes with hotspots. That way, someone not used to looking at our plans can understand and orient themselves much more clearly. That's when we were able to much more efficiently communicate.
Andrew Chung photo, Architect, DSAI Toronto
Andrew Chung
Architect, DSAI Toronto
Yulio is instrumental in making sure projects are easy to share. We've been looking at alternaives and they might have certain features, but I like the easy accessibility and the fact that I can share stuff so easily.
Vincent Hui photo
Vincent Hui
Associate Professor, Ryerson University
Architectural Science
VR proved to be very useful when people would visit for open houses. It helped potential clients visualize the final design even though the house was still under construction. It also allowed us to share the vision of the house online to anyone.
Daniel Sobieraj photo
Dan Sobieraj
Owner, Island Life Tiny Homes