The Download scene feature will allow you to download individual scenes from any of your VR projects to your computer, and then upload or replace that into other projects in your account. 

This feature is incredibly helpful especially when rendering with Yulio Jump for CET. Every time you run a render, that new render will be created as a new project in your Yulio account. Sometimes you may want to make minor edits to existing projects like adjusting your view angle or the color/positioning of your furniture. The Download and Replace functions will allow you to combine projects and save you from having to re-render the entire project.

For example, let’s use the scenario that we want to adjust the view angle of one of our scenes in our project. I would go back to CET , make my edits in PhotoLab and then re-render the one scene I adjusted using Yulio Jump. This new render will be created as a new project in my Yulio account. What I need to do next, is download it and then upload it to my new project using the replace function.

To Download a scene from a project in your Yulio account, start off by selecting the VR Project you would like to download a scene from.

On the Edit VR Project page, click the Download icon next to the scene you would like to download. You must download each scene individually.

Your scene will begin downloading to your computer/device. The file downloaded will be the original source file, so don’t worry about losing quality. From there you can add it to a new or existing project in your Yulio account by uploading it as a new scene or using the Replace feature.

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