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Share a VR Project on Social Media

You can share your VR project on the social media platform of your choice in two ways:
1. Post the VR project directly on social by copying and pasting the unique URL
2. Click the Share button when viewing a VR project.

Post Directly on Social Media:

The easiest way to share a VR project on social media is to post/share the link for your VR project. 

Copy and paste the unique URL onto your desired platform, and hit post.

To get the unique URL for your project, follow the steps below. 

First, select the project you would like to share and click the Share tab.

From the share tab, you are able to copy and paste your project URL or press the 3 dots to select which social media platform you would like to share your project on.

Share Button:

Open any VR project, then select the Share button.

VR Project, share button

Tap the logo for the social media network you want to share on, then follow the provided instructions.   

Yulio sharing window
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