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Share a VR Project Using QR Codes

With the help of QR codes, sharing your project with others has become easier and faster than ever before. By simply scanning the code, you can quickly share a link to your project with anyone. This is a great way to quickly and easily share your projects with colleagues, clients and anyone else who might be interested. They can be quickly scanned on any smartphone or tablet with a camera which means you don’t have to manually copy and paste an URL or search for something online. 

How to:

Step 1. Start off by logging into your Yulio account. Once logged in, select the project you would like to share from your folders.

Step 2. Select the share tab at the top

Step 3. Once in the share tab, you will see a QR code button. Press that and your QR code will open.

Step 4. To scan, open up your camera on any device, scan the QR code and a link will pop open. Click on that link to access the project. 

That’s it!

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