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Embed a VR Project on Your Website

Once your VR project is ready for sharing, you can embed it on your website.

Click on the VR project you would like to embed, then click the Share tab.

Click on the Embed icon.

Next, the Embed pop up will appear with customization options.
Width: Adjust the size of your embedded project in your webpage. 
Viewer Controls: Control which viewer controls are visible and hidden on your embedded project.
Auto Pan: If you turn this setting on, your embedded project will automatically begin panning around your scene after 10 seconds of idling.
After you have adjusted your desired settings, Copy your embed code.

Please note, if you come back to adjust any of these settings after you have already embedded your project into your website. You will have to re-embed the code in your webpage. A new code is generated when you edit any of the above settings.

Next, embed the code into your website to show off stunning VR projects like the example below:

Embedded VR project on a webite
Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.