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Private Projects

Private Projects allows you to add an extra layer of privacy to your VR projects, making them more secure than ever. With Private Projects you can now make projects private to license holders on your Yulio account only, or public to anyone.

How to Make Your Projects Private

By default, all projects are Public making them viewable to anyone with the URL. If you would like to make a project Private, begin by opening the project you would like to adjust. 

On the edit project page, select the Settings tab. From there select the Project View Permission drop down.

You can then select if you would like the project to be public or private.

Public: Anyone can view the project

Private: Only members of your company and authorized clients can view the project. Add this project to a Client Gallery to authorize access

Once you set the project to Private, users must be logged in to their Yulio account to view the project. If a viewer outside of your account tries to view the project they will receive this error:

When a Private Project is added to a Client Gallery, you are authorizing access for that client and they will have access. To learn more about Client Galleries, click here.

And that’s it! 

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