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Client Galleries: What is it and how can I use it?

Client Galleries allows you to share up to 10 projects directly with your client in either VR or browser mode. You can set up separate Client Galleries for as many clients as you like, just ensure you have open Yulio seats to assign to the gallery. If you do not have any open seats available you can add more from your Company Settings page in your Yulio account. 

Client Gallery Set Up

Begin by logging into your Yulio account. Once logged in, click on the Resources menu from your top navigation bar and then select Client Galleries. 

From there, select Create a Gallery. 

Note: You must have an open seat in your account to create a new Client Gallery. If you do not have an open seat, you will see the message below. You can add another seat by selecting Purchase Seat.

After you select Create a Gallery, you will begin the steps to create your new Client Gallery. 

Step 1, enter your clients information. Enter your client name and email address and then select Add Gallery Projects. Don’t worry, the email invitation won’t be sent to your client until step 4.

Step 2, add projects from your Yulio to your new Client Gallery. You can add up to 10 projects but must start out with at least one project. When your gallery is complete, your client will be able to access these projects on both a VR headset and in browser mode on a computer.

Select Add Project to Gallery. You can add one project at a time.

To add additional projects, select Add Project or select Connect Headsets to move on. 

Step 3, connect a VR headset for your client. By connecting a headset to your Client Gallery, you will be able to automatically send gallery projects directly to your client’s headset. If your client has their own VR headset, they can also connect it themselves later on. 

To connect a headset, select Connect Headset or to skip this step and move on click Save & Send Invitation. 

Step 4, review your Client Gallery details and send your invite. Here you can review how many projects are in the gallery, the client name, email address and preview the invitation to be sent to your client. 

When you are ready, select Save & Send Invitation. When you do this, the email invite will be sent to your client. 

And that’s it! Once your client accepts the email invitation, they will have instant access to all projects you loaded into their Gallery. 

Email Sent to Clients:

Client Gallery View:

You can create as many separate galleries for clients as you like, just ensure you have enough Yulio seats. 


Manage Your Client Galleries

After you have set up your Client Gallery, you can continue to manage the Gallery by adding or removing projects, updating client details, or connecting VR headsets.

After you set up a Client Gallery, your Client Galleries page will now look like this: 

Note: If you have multiple galleries, they will all be listed here. 

To edit a Client Gallery, select the pencil icon next to the Gallery.

To add or remove projects, select the Gallery Project tab. To add a new project, select the blue Add to Gallery button. 

To connect a VR headset, select the Headsets tab. To connect a new VR headset, select the blue Connect a Headset button. You can connect multiple headsets to a Client Gallery.

To update client details or resend the email invitation, select the Client Details tab.

Finally to delete a Client Gallery, select the trash bin icon on the Client Galleries page.