Customize Your Headset Gallery

What is Custom Lobby?

Custom Lobby allows you customize the environment you are in while viewing your headset gallery projects on a VR headset or mobile. You now have the ability to select any scene from your Yulio account and make it the background for your portfolio. 

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How can I create a Custom Lobby?

You can set 1 scene at a time as your Custom Lobby/Device Lobby background. The scene you would like to set as your Custom Lobby or Device Lobby background, must be a scene currently in your Yulio account. If the scene is not in your Yulio account, create a new project and upload your desired scene. 

Pro Tip: If the scene is already in your Yulio account, we recommend making a copy of that project and re-naming the new project to “Device Lobby.” This will make sure there is no confusion across your team and no one edits the custom lobby scene by accident. 


Once your scene is in your account, click on your email address in the top right corner and then select Company Settings.

Custom Lobby Company Settings

Then select Custom Branding. 

Custom Lobby Settings

Scroll down to Company Lobby and then select Change Lobby.

Custom Lobby Button

Navigate to the folder with your Custom Lobby scene and select the project you would like to make your background, click Add.

Please note, if the project you select has multiple scenes, it will automatically use the 1st scene in the project as your Custom Lobby. 

Add Device to Lobby

Your Custom Lobby has now been updated. You can change your Custom Lobby at any time by selecting Reset to Default or Change Lobby.

Custom Lobby Customization

Take a look at the before and after!


Custom Lobby Before



Custom Lobby After


Pro Tip #2: The simpler the scene, the better. If you have a really “busy” background, your device lobby projects may get lost. 


Note: only users with Admin level access can update the Custom Lobby. You can have 1 custom lobby per company. When you update the custom lobby, this will update the lobby background for everyone with a seat on your Yulio account.

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.