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Create a Copy of Your VR Project

Yulio’s Copy feature allows you to create an exact copy of any VR project for editing or sharing. The copy function will duplicate your project and keep any scenes, navigational hotspots, image hotspots, text hotspots, audio hotspots, or floorplans you have already uploaded. 

The Copy feature is a great way to edit your project without effecting the original. You can also use it to regulate and monitor sharing of your VR project. For example, let’s say you shared your project but you want to retract the link – simply copy your project and delete the original. When you copy your project it will generate a brand new URL link for sharing.

How to Copy a VR Project: 

Start off by logging into your Yulio account. 

From the projects page, find the project you would like to copy and click the 3 dots underneath the project thumbnail.

Select Duplicate from the drop down menu.

A window will pop up to confirm you want to copy the project. Click on the blue Copy button to begin.

Copying time will depend on the size of the project, but should only take a couple minutes even for the largest project.

The newly copied project will appear in the same folder as the original and have the word “Copy” in the project title. You can now edit this project without affecting the original.

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.