How to Download a Scene

Yulio’s Download Scene feature allows you to download individual scenes from any VR project in your Yulio account to your computer or device. The Download Scene feature is available for all scenes regardless of how they were created, including Yulio Jump.

Downloading Scenes will allow you to download scenes to your computer and then replace scenes in existing VR projects or create new VR projects in Yulio.

The Download Scene feature is available on Standard and custom plans. To create a custom plan that fits your business needs, call us at +1 (416) 499-2227 or email us anytime at

How to Download a Scene:

To begin, log into your Yulio account. From there, navigate to the Projects page and select the VR Project you would like to Download a Scene from.

On the Edit VR Project page, click the Download icon next to the scene you would like to download. You must download one scene at a time.

Your scene will begin downloading to your computer/device. The file downloaded will be the original source file, so don’t worry about losing quality.

That’s it! 

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