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How to Replace a Scene

Once you have created your virtual reality project and added hotspots, you might need to replace one of the scenes. This could happen if your client requests to see different options/colors/finishes in the scene or, the project has simply evolved over time. 

If you’ve already setup your hotspots and would like to retain them, you can simply replace the scene on the edit project page.

Start off by logging into Yulio and then select the VR project you would like to edit.

Next, find the scene and select the Replace icon.

Drag and drop your new scene into the upload box or click browse to select your new scene.

You have a couple options of what you can keep from your original scene to transfer over to your new scene: Keep Hotspots, Keep Scene Name, Keep Analytic Data.

Simply check the boxes if you want to keep the information or un-check to get rid of it.

Make sure that the new scene you are uploading also meets our Scene upload requirements.

Next, confirm that you would like to replace the scene – this is the last step before your scene is replaced. The action cannot be undone so make sure you are uploading the correct scene.

Click the blue Replace button if you would like to replace your scene. Or click Cancel if you changed your mind.

The scene will take a couple seconds to process and then you are good to go! 

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.