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Viewing VR with Yulio and a VR headset

What you need:

To view a VR project, you’ll need two things:

1. A current generation smartphone with one of 5 app stores – Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Oculus Store, Gear VR Store, Google Daydream
2. A virtual reality headset that fits your particular phone

How it works:
– Make sure you download the Yulio Viewer app on your device
– Your smart phone, running the Yulio Viewer app, displays the virtual reality scene, generating one image for your left eye and one for your right – this is what provides the ‘stereo’ effect that makes VR feel so real
– Your phone also tracks your head motion, updating the display of the virtual scene to match the direction you are looking in the real world
– The headset is very simple – it contains lenses that direct the two images to the corresponding eye in such a way that the scale and field of view accurately simulates the real world.  With higher-end headsets like the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR, the experience is further improved through the addition of higher quality motion sensors and better lenses.

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.

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Rachel ChanRachel Chan

Rachel Chan

Rachel is a writer for Yulio, covering all things VR. With a keen interest in creativity and innovation, Rachel enjoys seeing how businesses use VR in their workflow, and how they have been transformed by it.