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Creating Your First Virtual Reality Project

Virtual Reality Projects (VR Projects) are the backbone of the Yulio experience. Think of them as collections of scenes and hotspots. You might create a VR project to show multiple angles of a space, progress through different rooms in a building, or maybe show different materials or furniture configurations. A Virtual Reality project can contain as many scenes as you wish. If you haven’t already, check out our VR Showcase to see some great examples.

To create a VR project, you’ll need at least one scene. For more information on how to produce these, refer to our user guides for SketchUp, Revit, 3DS Max, CET Designer and Rhino. Assuming you’ve created a scene, you should have something like this:

Creating VR project: a sample ofVR scene
If you used Revit, you might have an image with two rows of six images on top of each other. 

Revit Cube map

Creating a VR Project:

Your first VR project will be created by default in the Team folder. The team folder is accessible to anyone at your company with a Yulio seat.

Yulio Dashboard, team folder


You can create additional private or shared folders to further organize your VR projects. In this example, we’ll create a private folder called “My Projects.”

For more info on Folder Permissions, check out the Setting Up Folder Permissions article.

Yulio Dashboard screenshot, naming you folder

Within your “My Projects” folder, click on the green “+ Create Project” button to create a new VR project.

Don’t worry, you can always move your project to a different folder later.

Yulio screenshot, how to create your project

Give your VR project a name and upload your scenes.

You can either drag and drop your files into the upload box or hit Browse to select the scenes you would like to upload.


Once processed, your scenes will show up here. On this page, you can add, delete, preview, rename, rearrange and swap your scenes.

You can repeat this process anytime to add any additional scenes


Click on any scene thumbnail or the “View in 360” button to preview your VR project. 


That’s it! You just created your first VR Project. Check out additional articles on how to enhance your VR project with navigational, audio, text and image hotspots, as well as floorplan navigation. 

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.