The Yulio Jump Training Course consists of a series of tutorials that will guide you through how to render for VR using Yulio Jump for CET and SketchUp. The Yulio Jump cloud rendering engine auto-applies material and lighting enhancements and will turn your model into a project ready for VR. Yulio Jump can also automatically generate a project floorplan and navigation hotspots for your VR projects in Yulio.

To enroll in the Yulio Jump Training Course select the blue Take This Course button below to register. Once you are enrolled select Course Introduction from the course content menu to begin.

This course covers both Yulio Jump for CET and Yulio Jump for SketchUp. If you are a CET user, when you enroll in the course you will immediately begin Path One: Yulio Jump for CET. If you are a SketchUp user, you will need to skip through the first path by marking all the sections complete. You will begin Path Two: Yulio Jump for SketchUp when you reach the Part One: Download Plugin section.

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