VR for Virtual Galleries

Virtual Galleries create stunning, immersive experiences for your clients.

Explore a Virtual Gallery


Use Hotspots to add additional information to your exhibit, and create traffic flow between installations, show work under different lighting conditions and add ambient sound and recorded greetings.


Help your exhibition visitors orient themselves while in VR. Upload a floorplan of your gallery to help your visitors easily navigate through the different installations or revisit ones that caught their eye. 

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External Links

Link directly from your virtual exhibit to Link to “buy” pages, exhibit ephemera, artist interviews or gallery contact info to enrich the viewing experience and give your engaged prospects next steps to purchase.

Simple Logistics, Limitless Reach

With no shipping, insurance, crating or couriers you can create exhibitions that would be impossible in a physical gallery. Then share them with an international audience – virtual spaces mean you can increase exposure and your customer base far beyond a physical gallery.

Increase ROI

Experience direct ROI after closing a single sale. Bring your gallery and the art pieces to your clients and provide the closest experience to an in-person visit.

Curate an Online Presence

Embed your virtual gallery onto your website and utilize the experience as another marketing resource. Add onto your online presence with exciting and shareable content.

Yulio LiveChat Integration

Interact with prospects and clients in real-time.

Re-create the viewing room or show experience with Yulio LiveChat integration. Answer questions and provide information to clients in real time – while on a personal ‘tour’ or when they view your VR experience on your website. Engage with your clients, and give your visitors the opportunity to get as close to the works of art without being there in person.

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