Project Markup: What is it and how can I use it?

What is Markup?

Project Markup is here! Project Markup allows you to stay right within the VR environment and record feedback about elements while your clients are actively looking at them. Draw directly on the project or leave text comments to highlight revisions and let your clients see them being applied in real time via a Collaborate session. With multiple pen and color options, providing feedback on design decisions is now easier than ever.

How do I mark up a scene in Yulio?

Anyone with a Yulio seat at your company has the ability to Mark Up a project scene. Markup is currently available in browser mode on any computer, tablet or touchscreen but can be viewed in browser mode or in VR.

Start off by selecting the VR project you would like to Mark Up from the VR Projects page.

Yulio dashboard

On the edit project page, select the Settings tab to turn on Markup for that project.

Yulio dashboard, settings tab

Click the Allow Project Markup toggle to turn Markup on.

Yulio dashboard, project markup toggle

Next, click the View in 360 icon to begin marking up your project.

Yulio dashboard, view 360 icon
In browser mode, you will notice a new Markup icon in the top right hand corner, click that to begin. Within the Markup tab, you can choose to draw directly on the project or leave text comments. 

Leave a text comment by clicking on the text comment icon and then click anywhere in the scene to place the icon in your project. Next, type directly in the text box and hit save.

The Markup tab has multiple color and pen thickness options for you to explore. Draw directly on the project with your mouse or stylus to Markup your project.

Yulio project markup icon
Click the icon when you want to erase, change the color of your pen, thickness of your pen, move around your project or delete your edits.

Yulio project markup bar
With no save button, your project is ready to go. Send the VR project to anyone on your team with a Yulio seat or share your edits with a client via a Collaborate Session.

When you want to delete your edits, click the Clear Scene icon within the VR project or the Clear All Markup button on the Settings page.

Yulio project, clear all icon

Yulio dashboard clear all markup button
Or simply hide your edits by switching the Allow Project Markup toggle to off.

Yulio dashboard, allow project markup toggle

Here is an example of a VR project with Markup: 

Yulio project markup example

Yulio project markup example

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials