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How to Take, Upload and View 360 Photos in Yulio

Want to see your 360 photos in Yulio? You’ve come to the right place.

Why 360 Photos?

Our clients are using our 360 photo capabilities to present a space without taking clients on-site, as well as to demonstrate a ‘before’ image before presenting a final rendering or photo. Showing the before and after of a space can have a huge effect!

Taking the 360 Photo

If you’ve never taken a 360 photo before, we’ve got a few tips for getting it just right:

+ Use the app associated with your 360 camera on your smartphone to trigger the photos remotely, and hide out of sight so you are not in the shot

+ Set the camera lens at the same height you plan on using for your cubemap renderings (we recommend approximately 5’6″ as a good compromise for the average North American male/female height)

+ No need to measure for that one, you know how tall you are so adjust the camera lense accordingly

+Use a monopod or tripod and make sure the camera is still and level before shooting

Uploading and Viewing the Photo

Once you’ve taken your 360 photo, simply upload the .jpg file from your camera (or phone if you are using the companion app) to Yulio, just as you would a cubemap.

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.

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