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How do I change my password?

The short answer is that most likely you don’t have to, because Yulio uses a password-less login system.  This means there’s no password for you to remember, and definitely no password for you to change!

But is it secure? Don’t worry. Instead of passwords, we use your email account and a special security token to ensure no one but you has access to your account. 

If you did set a password and want to change it, follow these steps:

Log into your Yulio account and then click on your email address in the top right hand corner.

From there, select Account Settings.

Yulio dashboard, settings

On your account settings click on the Change Password tab – put in your current password and your new password.

Hit the blue Change Password button to save.

Change password on Yulio dashboard

And that’s it! Next time you log in to Yulio, make sure it is with your new password.

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