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Creating Stereoscopic Cubemaps Using 3DS MAX and VRay

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This guide outlines the steps you’ll need to follow to configure 3DS Max® and VRay to generate a stereoscopic cubemaps (scenes). Once completed, use the output to author Virtual Reality projects using Yulio!

Getting Started 

Before you begin, review this checklist to ensure you’ve got everything you need to get started.
– 3DS Max®
– VRay for 3DS Max® – version 3.20.02 or higher
– A scene that has been authored using 3DS Max® and VRay  


Step 1: Create VRay Stereoscopic helper

In 3DS Max®, create the VRayStereoscopic ObjectType by following these steps:
– Go to Command Panel > Create > Helpers Category > VRay
– Select VRaySterescopic and place it in the scene

VRay Stereoscopic helper

Step 2: Configure VRay Stereoscopic helper
– Go to Command Panel > Modify > VRayStereoscopic
– Make sure the ‘enabled’ and ‘adjust resolution’ checkboxes are selected

VRay StereoScopic Helper

Step 3:
Assign VRay render option
– Go to Render Setup Dialog > Common
– Make sure ‘VRay Adv’ render option is selected

VRay render options

Step 4:
Configure the render output size
– Go to Render Setup Dialog > Common > Common Parameters
– Update the output size by setting the width to 9216 (1536 x 6) and height to 1536

Configure render output

Step 5:
Configure the V-Ray camera 
– Go to Render Setup Dialog > V-Ray > Camera
– Update the camera type to Cube 6×1

Configure VRay Camera

Step 6:
 Begin rendering

You’re done! Now any camera is set up to be rendered in stereoscopic format. Begin the render process via the Render Setup Dialog or by pressing F9.

Step 7: Rendering complete

Once it’s done, save the render as a .JPG on your computer. Remember where it’s saved! You’ll need the location when you use Yulio to author your VR project.

Step 8: Author VR Projects in Yulio!

Log in to your account at www.yulio.com to create your VR project using these cubemaps. Review our article on creating VR projects for more information!

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