What is LiveChat and How Can I Use It?

LiveChat brings a whole new level of client interaction within Yulio. Turn on chat on a per project basis within Yulio and chat live directly with clients viewing your projects in browser mode.

To set up your LiveChat integration, log into your Yulio account, click on your email address in the top right hand corner and select Company Settings.

From there, select the LiveChat tab. Follow the instructions to configure your LiveChat widget for desktop and mobile, and enter your license number to connect to your LiveChat account.

You can customize the style, color and configuration of your LiveChat widget directly in your LiveChat account.

Livechat is turned on on a per project basis. To activate LiveChat on a VR project, select the VR project from the projects page in your Yulio account.

From there, select the Settings tab and then toggle “Enable LiveChat” on.

And that’s it! The next time you view or share your project the LiveChat widget will be active.

Viewers can chat directly with your sales team or agents through your LiveChat account. And agents can receive live notifications when there are new viewers on a project or when a new chat comes in.

When a new chat is activated, your team can see client details like name and location, as well as what project the client is viewing and which scene they were in when the chat was activated.