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Using Yulio CAD Plugins on a Mac

We created our CAD plugins to provide our users with the easiest and fastest tool to create Yulio-compatible rendered image files within their CAD software. While our current CAD plugins only support Windows operating systems. Below, we have created a minor workflow modification to a solution for Mac users who are planning to use Yulio CAD plugins to create their virtual experiences.

To learn more about our line of plugins, please head over to our CAD plugins page. 

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Software You Need

To use our CAD plugins on your Mac, you will need to download a Windows virtualization software, such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion. These applications typically have a free trial to get started. The application is necessary to give you access to the Yulio CAD Plugins on your existing Macintosh workstation.

Before getting started with the steps below, download your 3D modelling/CAD software application onto Windows.

Top Tip

Double-check your 3D modelling/CAD software’s terms of service to see whether the program allows you to legally install the application on two separate operating systems (instances). For example, SketchUp has stated this is allowed with their platform for a single license to be installed One for the Mac and one for the Windows virtualized instance. 

This gives you the convenience and ease to access your project files on both your Mac and PC window without needing to close the program on one or the other. If your application does not permit multiple installations, the steps below still apply.

Using Yulio CAD Plugins on Mac

To use our Yulio CAD plugins, start off by creating your projects on your modelling program as you would normally on your Mac computer. 

Next, open your virtualization application.

Launch your 3D modelling/CAD software and open your file created on your Mac.

Next, open the Yulio plugin within your software. Adjust your uploading options and render by selecting the “Create Project” button.

If you are using SketchUp or CET, you have the option to render with our cloud rendering engine Yulio Jump.

Please note, Yulio plugin uploading options vary plugin to plugin. Image below is Yulio Jump for SketchUp.


That’s it! When rendering is complete upload your files to Yulio or access your project directly in your Yulio account.