Present Mode

Present mode is the default mode in Collaborate and the one you will be in when you launch a new session. Present mode allows you as the host to guide the presentation and move your guests throughout the space at your pace. You can keep presenter control, or give presenter control to any participant to follow that person around the scene, get feedback and see what catches their attention. This is the most powerful part about Collaborate because it allows you to see exactly what your guest is seeing.

By default, you as the host will be the main presenter. While in Present mode, as the host you have complete control over the presentation. When you switch scenes, all of your guests will be brought into the next scene with you. If you activate a hotspot it will also activate on your guests device. 

Please note, guests will not be following your gaze exactly. They will be in the same scene as you at all times, however they will still have the freedom to look around the scene. 

If you want to ensure all guests are looking at the same area or product, we recommend using the spotlight feature in Collaborate. 

To use the Spotlight feature, simply place your gaze where you would like to redirect everyone to. And then select the Spotlight icon in the top right hand corner. As soon as you select that, all your guests’ gazes will be redirected to that spot.

While in Present mode, you can also assign presenter control to any of your guests. By assigning presenter control your guest will now have control of the VR project. They will have access to all hotspots and be able to move throughout the space. While one of your guests is assigned presenter control, Collaborate will be following their exact gaze so you can see exactly what they are seeing.

To assign presenter control, simply click on the name of the guest you would like to give control to. Don’t worry, you can take control back at any time by click the Host bar or just click anywhere on screen.