Now that you have downloaded the Yulio Viewer app and connected your headset you are ready to send your projects to VR.

There are a few different ways throughout your Yulio account to send your projects to your connected headsets.

Under the Headsets tab on your top navigation bar, select Headset Projects. This is your primary space for managing all the projects on your VR headset. You can store up to 10 VR projects pre-downloaded in your headset for offline viewing.












In this space, you can add projects to your Headset Gallery by clicking the Add Projects button. You can add any project in your Yulio account to your headset.

The Headset Projects space is where you can see which projects are currently on your headset as well as add, delete or rearrange projects on your headset at any time.










When you make changes to projects or adjust which projects are on your headset – those changes will automatically be reflected in your Yulio Viewer app the next time you open it. New projects will take a couple of minutes to download, however it is just a one-time download to be viewable offline.

Open the Yulio Viewer app on your VR headset to view your projects.

You can also send projects to your VR headset by using the Add to Headset shortcut throughout your account. Clicking this shortcut will automatically send your project to your VR headset.

Here are a few areas you will find this shortcut:

On your Projects page, click on the 3 dots of the project you would like to add and then select Add to Headset.














On your Edit Project page, click the Add to Headset icon.










While viewing in browser mode, click the headset icon in the top right-hand corner.