Explore Mode

Explore Mode is the other mode option in Collaborate. When you activate Explore mode, all participants will have the freedom to go off and explore the entire VR project you have selected for the Collaborate Session. They will be able to switch scenes and activate all hotspots.

To launch Explore Mode, hit the Explore button at the top of the Participant Panel. 

If you have guests in your Collaborate session, Collaborate will rotate throughout all the guest in the session and show what they are seeing for about 10-15 seconds before moving onto the next person. This will give a preview into where each participant is in the space and what their focus is on. Collaborate will continue to rotate through all guests in the session until you switch back to Present mode. 

If there are no guests in your Collaborate session, your screen will auto pan throughout your entire project moving scene to scene. This would be a great feature to use in a tradeshow or booth type setting where you want to show off your space without having to lift a finger. 

To end explore mode and bring all participants back to the desired scene, click the Present button in the Participant Panel.