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Yulio June Updates: What’s New

You may notice that your Yulio account is looking a little bit different. As of Tuesday June 15th, we have made a few small changes to the main top navigation menu in your Yulio account. 

For a complete overview of the new changes please see below. 

  • Top Navigation Menu:
    • We renamed the Manage Device tab to Headsets. The functionality of this space has not changed, only the naming. Previously where you saw “Connected Devices” and “Device Lobby”, it is now labelled “My Headsets” and “Headset Projects”
    • We got rid of the Tools Menu. Previously you would have found Collaborate and CAD Plugins under the Tools menu. Collaborate has now been added directly to the top navigation bar and CAD Plugins has moved under the Resources tab
    • We added Collaborate to the top navigation bar. As one of Yulio’s most popular features, Collaborate has now been added directly to the top navigation bar for easy and quick access to present and share your projects.
  • Resources Menu:
    • We added CAD Plugins. Since getting rid of the Tools menu, this is the new home of the CAD Plugins page, where you can download any of our plugins and user guides
    • Along with CAD plugins, under the resources menu you can also access our new Client Galleries feature, Knowledge Base for how to articles, Project Resources page for sample content, VR Showcase for inspiration and our Blog.
New Top Navigation Bar:


Old Top Navigation Bar: 

Reach out to us at support@yulio.com for any questions!