Yulio Jump for SketchUp: Cloud Rendering

What is Yulio Jump for SketchUp?

Jump the rendering timeline and create stunning VR presentations or 2D perspective renders within minutes. Yulio Jump for SketchUp auto-applies material and lighting enhancements, and will turn your SketchUp design into a stunning project ready for VR. Plus, Yulio Jump can automatically generate a project floorplan and auto generate navigation hotspots to your scenes. With a few simple clicks, you can show off your design in an impressive VR presentation.

Yulio Jump is available on Standard and Custom Plans. To create a custom plan that fits your business needs, call us at +1 (416) 499-2227 or email us anytime at team@yulio.com.

How can I use Yulio Jump for SketchUp?

Follow along for a quick start guide to Yulio Jump for SketchUp. For a detailed User Guide on Yulio Jump for SketchUp, check our our SketchUp User Guide.

First, ensure you have downloaded and installed the Yulio for SketchUp plugin from our CAD plugins page.

Before you can begin rendering, you will need to authorize SketchUp to access your Yulio account. For details on how to authorize SketchUp, refer to our User Guide.

After you have authorized the plugin now you are ready to render. Begin by authoring and preparing your scene for rendering. Create a variety of scenes with different camera angles throughout your model and make sure that your camera position is optimized for VR.

Pro Tip: We recommend setting your camera to 5′ 6″ as that is the average height between men and women in North America. But you can get really creative and lower it to a seated height for example.

Now you are ready to render with Yulio Jump or Yulio Jump Perspective.

First, select the Yulio icon from the SketchUp toolbar.

Next, the Yulio Jump plugin will pop up and provide several options/settings:

  • Select Company: Select the company/Yulio account you would like the project to upload to. Most of the time you only have access to 1 company and it will be listed as the default for you.
  • Render With:
  • Yulio Jump = VR/360 panoramas
    • Yulio Jump Perspective = 2D renders
  • Lighting Model:
    • Exterior / Bright Spaces = Select this lighting model if you have a model with a lot of natural light sources. The Exterior/Bright Spaces lighting model relies on the sun to light the scene. If your scene is outdoors or has a lot of windows, this lighting model is the most accurate and will look the most realistic.
    • Interior / Shaded Spaces = Select this lighting model if you have a model with few sources of natural light. The Interior/Shaded Spaces lighting model uses a special algorithm that combines sunlight with artificial ambient light. If your scene is fully enclosed or has only a few windows, use this lighting model.
  • Select Yulio Folder: If you render with Yulio Jump, select the folder within your Yulio account you would like the VR project to be created in.
  • Select Scenes: Select the scenes you would like rendered
  • Add Floorplan: Yulio Jump will automatically build a floorplan from your SketchUp model so users can orient themselves in your design.
  • Add Navigation Hotspots: Yulio Jump will Auto Generate navigational hotspots in your VR project. 

Once you have selected all your preferences, select Create Project.

Yulio Jump Settings Selection

If you rendered with Yulio Jump, your project will begin processing and be sent directly to your Yulio account. 

If you rendered with Yulio Jump Perspective, your image files will be sent to you by email.

For Yulio Jump, click View in Yulio to go to the project page in your Yulio account. You will also receive an email notification when your project is done processing in Yulio.

That’s it! You now have a beautiful render completed in minutes. 

Check out the two renderings below for a comparison!

Rendered with SketchUp Native:

rendered with sketchup native renderer

Rendered with Yulio Jump for SketchUp:

Rendered with Yulio Jump for Sketchup

Click here to access the full VR project.

Rendered with Yulio Jump Perspective:

Yulio Jump for SketchUp Rendering

Rendered Image with Yulio Jump for SketchUp

**Yulio is compatible with a wide range of CAD tools even without the use of plugins, provided the content meets our file requirements. The plugins simply speed up your workflow by generating cube maps from within the CAD software. Learn more about Yulio’s file requirements here.

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.