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Yulio Jump for CET: Cloud Rendering

What is Yulio Jump for CET?

Yulio is proud to announce Yulio Jump – our brand new unlimited cloud rendering product for CET users. With a few simple clicks, jump the rendering timeline and create stunning VR presentations within minutes. 

Yulio Jump for CET auto-applies materials and lighting enhancements, and will turn your CET design into a stunning project ready for VR. With a few simple clicks, show off your design in an impressive VR presentation in no time. 

Yulio Jump is now available on the Pro + Jump, Yulio Jump and Enterprise plans.

To create a custom plan that fits your business needs, call us at 1-844-310-3429 or email us anytime at

How can I use Yulio Jump for CET?

Follow along for a quick start guide to Yulio Jump for CET. For a detailed User Guide on Yulio Jump for CET, check our our CET User Guide.

First, ensure you have downloaded and installed the Yulio extension from the Configura Marketplace.

Next, ensure your drawing in CET has 4 walls and a ceiling.

Before you can render with Yulio Jump for CET you will need to set up your views in Photo Lab. 

Set up views in CET Designer
In Photo Lab, set your desired view and click the New button to save it.

CET Designer Views


Next, in CET select the Yulio icon. Here you will have the option to render with good or best quality. The time to render will vary depending on the size of your project.

Yulio Plugin CET Designer

Next, the Yulio Jump extension will pop up and provide additional options:

  • Company: Select the company/Yulio account you would like the project to upload to. Most of the time you only have access to 1 company and it will be listed as the default for you.
  • Home/Team: Select the folder within your Yulio account you would like the VR project to be created in.

Once you have selected all your preferences, select Create VR Project.

Cloud Rendering Selection
Your project will begin processing and be sent directly to your Yulio account. This should only take a couple minutes. 

Yulio Jump Project Loading

Click View in Yulio to go to the project page in your Yulio account.

Yulio Jump for CET Designer

Yulio Jump for CET rendering finished

That’s it! You now have a beautiful render completed in minutes. 

Check out the two renderings below for a comparison!

Rendered with CET Native:

Rendered with CET Native App

Rendered with Yulio Jump:

Rendered with Yulio Jump for CET Designer

Click here to access full VR project.

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.

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