Yulio Jump for SketchUp: Enhanced Material Tags

Yulio Jump is a cloud rendering tool that creates fast, simple and stunning 360-images or 2D Renders direct from SketchUp in minutes. You can use standard SketchUp for quick and easy renders any time. If you are looking to take the photo-realism in your projects to the next level, you can apply these Yulio Jump Material Tags to any materials in your SketchUp project.

Material tags comparison

How to Add Material Tags to Your SketchUp Model:

Start out by opening your SketchUp model. From there, click on any material and open the materials drop down on the right hand side.

Material Tags tab
In the material label field, delete the original and replace it with one of the tags below.

Materials Tag label field

Enhanced Material Tags for SketchUp can be used on any material in the list below:


















Apply any of these tags to increase photorealism in your rendering.

Check out the project below to see the effect of each material tag in SketchUp:

Here are a few more before and after images below for samples of enhanced materials tags in SketchUp.

Enhanced Material Couch

Enhanced Material Tag Office Space

Enhanced Material Tag Plant

Take a look at the full VR Projects here:

          – With Enhanced Material Tags
          – Without Enhanced Material Tags

Check out our YouTube channel for more info & tutorials.

**Yulio is compatible with a wide range of CAD tools even without the use of plugins, provided the content meets our file requirements. The plugins simply speed up your workflow by generating cube maps from within the CAD software. Learn more about Yulio’s file requirements here.