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Create Augmented Reality Directly from CET Designer with Yulio Jump

Creating Augmented Reality (AR) elements in CET couldn’t get any simpler. Tag your objects and render with Yulio Jump – it’s that easy. Let your clients see your products right within your space, and save time and save costs on mockups. AR helps you create immersive presentations in a headset, or with your tablet or phone on the go.

3 Steps to Stunning Presentations

Yulio Jump is the perfect user-friendly solution to transform your CET Designer projects into immersive VR experiences with AR elements. 

See it in action in our sample project!

Install Yulio Plugin

Download and install the Yulio plugin from the  Configura Marketplace. Authorize with your Yulio account to get started.

Create Your Scene

Create your drawing within CET Designer,  configure options within the Photo Lab settings, and tag objects to create AR elements.

Upload & View

Export your cubemap to Yulio and your file will be a automatically uploaded to your account. View in Yulio or enhance your project with hotspots. 

Transform CET Drawings into VR Experiences

Yulio Jump is the ideal solution for users to create stunning client-facing renderings quickly. Bundled with our simple VR solutions, you’ll be presenting photo-realistic 360-images or 2D renders to your clients in minutes

Create Unlimited 2D Renderings


Yulio Jump auto-applies materials and lighting enhancements to create a stunning render

Multiple Camera Position

The CET and SketchUp toolbar features an option to render any camera position in 2D

Instant Results

You will receive high quality 2D images delivered straight to your inbox

Realistic Lighting and Materials

Drag the slider to view a project before & after rendering with Yulio Jump

Projects Created with Yulio Jump

Office Space

Yulio Features Included: Image Hotspots, Text Hotspots, Navigational Hotspots, Floorplan

COI Showroom

Yulio Features Included: Image Hotspots, Audio Hotspots, Text Hotspots, Navigational Hotspots, Floorplan

Get Started in Minutes

Schedule a demonstration of Yulio Jump for CET with a member of our team today.

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