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Your Business + Virtual Reality
If making sales relies on anything, it’s first impressions. These initial moments are your best opportunity to capitalize on the novelty and cool-factor of VR. From the early stages of attracting prospects, to the final stages of closing a deal, here are three ways you can use VR to pique your prospect’s interest and help you close the deal. SHOWCASE RECENT PROJECTS One major advantage of a mobile VR solution like Yulio is its portability. Your sales representatives can present your portfolio in the most impressive medium, wherever they are. When at events or out and about, a small mobile VR headset and a smartphone means you’ll never again have to say “you can see our portfolio on our website” or “I’ll send you some of our recent work when I’m back in the office.” Impress prospects with your recent work, straight from your pocket. And, as a bonus, a VR headset will always draw a crowd. Get ready for the line-up!   Interested in trying VR for free? Head to and start your free trial today.

Your Business + Virtual Reality
In an era with more solutions than problems, there’s no shortage of ways to improve your business. If you’re a conscientious business owner or executive, you’re constantly testing new tools and techniques. Whether it’s social media activity, website optimizations, customer engagement campaigns, or sales workshops, there’s a million ways to do better business. This blog series will focus on Virtual Reality, and how architects and interior designers can use this technology to change the way they work with clients, improving communication and collaboration, and giving clients an entirely new design experience. While Virtual Reality (VR) is easy to dismiss as “just another technology” or digital toy to accessorize your smartphone, it’s so much more than that. At its core, VR is about giving people—your clients, prospects, and even your team—an experience. Its innate humanness makes it the ultimate delivery mechanism that will add value to your exchanges at any stage of the business cycle. Virtual Reality is exciting and attention-grabbing (and this can certainly be an advantage for progressive businesses), but as business owners and executives interested in improving our businesses, we need to look past this noise. This focus will be even more crucial when the industry moves past its currently early adopter phase and VR technology becomes less of a novelty. Architects and interior designers need to leverage VR technology to continually add value, long after that first “wow” moment. This blog series will teach you how to add more value to your clients with VR technology, and ultimately, how to monetize this added value. Though VR won’t necessarily fit into any single area of your business, we’ve segmented this guide to demonstrate how VR can make a difference in:
  1. Sales;
  2. Marketing; and
  3. Client engagement.
Follow along with this blog series to learn more about using VR to improve these areas of your business. Interested in trying VR for free? Head to and start your free trial today.

Everything Else, Your Business + Virtual Reality
To most of us, Virtual Reality is interesting–but intimidating. The most common objections we get from architects and designers usually stem from fear: “I’m not technical–how will I know how to use VR? Will everyone on my team be able to learn this technology? What about my clients?” A mobile-powered VR platform like Yulio solves all of the above, and more.

Converting from CAD to VR

Converting to VR from  your authoring environment is simple with VR CAD plugins, and requires virtually no extra work. Just render your 3D environment with the plugin specific to your CAD tool, and you’ve got everything you need to upload to Yulio.

File Management

Once you’re ready to upload, it gets even easier. Yulio’s file management system is as simple as it gets: if you know how to use Dropbox (or a computer, really), you know how to manage your files in Yulio.  

Viewing in VR

Viewing your VR files is as simple as downloading the free Yulio Viewer app to your smartphone and connecting it to your Yulio account. Any time you want to view a design in VR, just click ‘View in VR’ on and it’ll be sent to your phone. This makes the process of handing a headset to a client smooth and painless. Once they’re immersed in VR, you’ll be able to guide them through a space using Yulio’s live-stream Collaborate feature, giving your client an impressive (but not overwhelming) experience.

Your Clients

At the end of the day, clients are your top priority. You’ll no doubt want to make sure their VR experience is enjoyable and hassle-free. That’s why Yulio is designed for you and your clients. If your client wants to view VR designs in their own smartphone, all they’ll need is the app and your design’s special URL, which you can share with them in seconds. The best part about the simplicity of mobile-powered VR is that it comes at no cost to sophistication–or power. Even with a simple smartphone and a pocket-sized headset, the reactions VR elicits are one of a kind. Give it a try–you’ll be surprised how easy it is.