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Here’s Why Virtual Reality ≠ Social Disintegration

Virtual Reality is heralded by many as the beginning of the breakdown of society as we know it. If Virtual Reality starts to replace our Real Reality, we’ll spend our days inside a headset, preferring pixels to people and simulations to socializing.Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even aside from its progress in the medical, telecommunications and educational spheres, Virtual Reality is also making leaps and bounds as a hardcore business tool.In the architecture, design, construction and real estate sector, Virtual Reality is only just beginning to reform the way we work.As a visualization tool, it’s helping clients to understand spaces in a completely different way than looking at a sketch or 3D model.The dilemma of clients not being able to visualize what’s in your head is now a problem of the past.In bridging the communication gap between designer and client, Virtual Reality doesn’t just help make decisions and sign deals: it connects humans.And if business is about anything, it’s about connecting people, adding value, and creating #happy.