Yulio Sketchup 2017 Plugin + Open Sourced Ray Tracer

We have some very exciting news to share today!
Let’s start with our latest SketchUp plugin update. The plugin will help you create a VR experience from a pre-rendered file. You can download it from here: Yulio.com/plugin/download

The Yulio plugin is designed to render with greater realism, and create the stereoscopic renders for each eye that give VR its realism when viewing designs versus the basic SketchUp render. All at the click of a button. Yulio’s goal is to make the transition from 2D renders in CAD to VR ready files as seamless as possible. The plugin does all of the design lifting and returns a URL to the user so that designers can share VR experiences in minutes. In an effort to further democratize VR design, the Yulio team is making the Yulio Ray Tracer an open source project to encourage further experimentation by developers in VR authoring.

Which leads us to our second exciting piece of news: 

We’re open sourcing the Yulio Ray Tracer we developed as part of the SketchUp plugin. It’s all yours and you can grab the source code from here: GitHub.com/YulioTech

The Yulio Ray Tracer is based on the Embree Example Renderer. The main goal of its development was to provide an easy and automated way of generating stereoscopic cubic maps for arbitrary 3D scenes. To achieve that goal, it uses Collada as the main asset import format and implements a simple omnidirectional dome-based lighting model, so that any scene can be lit without the need to specify light sources. Overall, it extends the Embree renderer by adding the following features and capabilities:

  • Stereoscopic cube map rendering
  • Support for the Collada file format
  • Asynchronous DLL API with adjustable thread priority
  • A simple universal dome lighting model
  • An Uber shader with the alpha channel support
  • Bi-linear texture filtering
  • Watermark image integration
  • Lots of other small things 🙂

If you’re up to something cool with the Yulio Ray Tracer, we’d love to hear. Hit us up at hello@yulio.com