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SketchUp to VR.

Yulio is a VR software platform for architects and designers that offers an array of tools to convert your CAD files to VR. If you currently use SketchUp to create 3D renders, you can also use it to author VR ready scenes using the SketchUp to VR plugin by Yulio.

The SketchUp to VR plugin has an automatic ‘create floor plan’ feature that will build a floor plan from your SketchUp model to be uploaded to Yulio. In Yulio, users can use the floorplan to orient themselves in your VR project and navigate through your scenes. When you use the create floor plan feature, Yulio will automatically generate navigation hotspots to move between scenes in your project.
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Yulio Jump for SketchUp: Cloud Rendering

And now with Yulio Jump for SketchUp, you can create 360 projects with one click. 

Send your projects to the cloud with one click on the Yulio toolbar in SketchUp. Yulio will apply lighting and materials and return a stunning 360-project in typically under 2 minutes. 
Yulio Jump license holders can create unlimited projects, simply.

The SketchUp to VR plugin works with the tools you already know and offers multiple rendering engine options to create stunning VR scenes.

  • The SketchUp native render is free and is the fastest option that will generate monoscopic cubemaps. The image produced will have a lower sense of immersion and will look a little more like an illustration than photorealistic, but it is good for quick iterations and you will still get a sense of being in the scene. 
  • The Yulio Raytracer is a free product for the SketchUp to VR plugin. The Yulio Raytracer will produce a stereoscopic cubemap which produces good high-quality VR projects with inherent lighting models already in place. The Yulio Raytracer offers rendering quality of good, better or best. Good is for those in a hurry and who just want to see how the scene looks in illustration form. The “better” option will have more detail in objects rendered in the scene. The “best” option will take the longest but will create beautiful renders that look realistic. 
  • The SketchUp to VR plugin is also compatible with Vray, which will create the most lifelike photorealistic imagery. If you are responding to a high-value RFP or building a portfolio of designs to show and share your vision, the immersion quality of these cubemaps in VR is outstanding and potentially worth the additional time and investment in a visualization service. 

VR spaces are 360-degree environments, designers have to account for the fact that the viewer can turn around. While not all views need a fully rendered space, you don’t want to leave your audience looking at white space. As a result, you may need to add design elements to close those gaps and ensure an immersive experience. Additionally, designers may need to link their renders to show multiple areas or viewpoints. This can only be done in VR software like Yulio that offers multiple scenes, hotspot navigation or other links.