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Promoting Your Architecture Firm Using Virtual Reality: Marketing, Part 2

Marketing, Part 2: Publish and Share Your Work in VR

A share-friendly VR solution like Yulio will let you share VR experiences with a simple URL, through all your usual channels.


One major benefit of choosing a VR provider with a monthly subscription payment model like Yulio (rather than a pay-per-project model) is the ability to host a virtually unlimited number of projects permanently in VR. This means you’re able to showcase your entire existing portfolio in VR, rather than simply using VR as a presentation tool during collaborative projects. If your VR solution allows you to embed Virtual Reality experiences into your website (like Yulio) you’ll have a self-generating sales mechanism all-year round. Presenting your portfolio in VR on your website is guaranteed to make you stand out from your competitors and make your designs even more impactful for prospects.

Sharing: Social and Email

Another benefit of a sharing-friendly VR solution is that VR is no longer confined to your office headset—you can spread your designs across the world in seconds. For example, with Yulio, each Virtual Reality experience has its own unique URL, which is all you need to be able to share the experience with others, and allow them to view it on their own smartphone and headset. Better yet, you can share your projects even with those clients or team members who don’t have headsets, because of Yulio’s interactive browser display mode. A 360° or VR experience is always more engaging than a simple JPEG rendering of a design—and very simple to produce.Be sure to choose a VR solution that fully integrates with social media channels—for example, all Yulio project links embedded in Tweets will generate your project’s thumbnail—and we all know posts with images have much higher click-through-rates!The beauty of sharing your projects via social media and email is that you can track engagement with your designs through your analytics platforms. Combine this with viewer analytics such as those offered by Yulio and you’ve got powerful knowledge about which designs your audience connect with most. Interested in trying VR for free? Head to and start your free trial today.